Updated: May 5

There is a common saying that health is wealth. Though such parlance taken lightly today has become reality.

Hardly do we open any social media today and not be saddled with different terminologies about fitness, health, weight loss, fat, diet, keto, supplements and a lot to be mentioned.

Gone were the days when men, women, youths and children indulged in eating natural food. Then, we knew no word like obesity as is commonly mentioned today


Before we came to the stage where we are today in battling with our health and fitness which is now slipping within our grip, such food that are recommended today to correct the imbalance in weight bothering us today were regarded as poor man's food because the elites looked down on such food and turned to polished, refined and more exotic food, destroying the imbalance in our metabolism living us to the mercy of killer sicknesses and diseases.

According to studies going on across the globe, if nothing is done one in every adult before 2025 will be Obese. So many researches are going on now across the globe about remedies on weight loss.

Fitness which was taken for-granted has become a headline today. Excessive weight gain which ordinarily would have been avoided is turning to a global crisis.

The attention given to fitness today by both old and young

g justifies the saying that health is wealth, the earlier we realize this the better for us. There is still time to adjust and do the right thing.

At home families should be disciplined on what they eat and reduce their cravings on those radicals that will invite trouble to their system in the future.

My family is blessed that we rarely visit the hospital. My Doctor all the time tries to find out what we eat that we don't make frequent visits like others. He suggested that we should have periodic medical check-up to ascertain that we are okay. To make him fill at ease we do that. The magic still remains from the beginning what they call junk food is not allowed into our home. You battle with the children on this, but they cannot have their way always until it because a tradition why certain food should be avoided.

It is all about discipline. You must not be a nutritionist to know that certain food should be taken in moderation and that instead of frying all the time you should boil


Alcohol is good according to biochemistry if taken in the right glass just as your normal medicine. The carbonated water or your sold drinks if to be taken must not be on regular basis but occasionally.

Mothers must not give in to their children demand on certain food. Over indulgence at all cost must be avoided. The statistics of obese children today is alarming. In this pandemic where restrictions are in place and inactivity is on the increase attention must be paid to this area now.

Parents don't over-pamper your children especially this period to avoid regrets in the future. A lot of caution, precaution and discipline must be a rule and not an exception.

It's better to have your child alive and happy in the future that you have him riddled and debilitated with sickness and even death in the future living you in tears, regret and despair. A stitch in they say saves nine.

I leave you with this to come back again on more issues about our health and wellness as urgent as it stands today and possible solutions to those already overweight.

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