Health is Wealth

Updated: Aug 25

There is a common saying that health is wealth. Though such parlance taken lightly today has become reality.

Hardly do we open any social media today and not be saddled with different terminologies about fitness, health, weight loss, fat, diet, keto, supplements and a lot to be mentioned.

Gone were the days when men, women, youths and children indulged in eating natural food. Then, we knew no word like obesity as is commonly mentioned today


Before we came to the stage where we are today in battling with our health and fitness which is now slipping within our grip, such food that are recommended today to correct the imbalance in weight bothering us today were regarded as poor man's food because the elites looked down on such food and turned to polished, refined and more exotic food, destroying the imbalance in our metabolism living us to the mercy of killer sicknesses and diseases.