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Habit when formed becomes tradition as my people always says. It has been worrying that as people are suffering and weighed down or confined to the hospital bed those attending to them or taking care of them are not taking precautions. Health pills and supplements are one of the highest selling items in the food and drug market today.

We should look inward and think deeply on how we can help our selves. People were more active before. I could remember that you trekked a long distance to attend school, go to the market or even to fetch water. Those lives were regarded as rural but they helped keep the communities fit. Hospitals were inexistent in certain communities yet they lived except in certain areas were these services were a must like in child -birth and certain surgical operations.

Walking as they call it today is useful, it keeps the heart functioning well and burns away excess fat. People in villages thought that urban life was better not knowing from the angle of heath they are far better.

Hardly do we see any body taking interest in planting trees instead trees are cut down without any interest in replanting them.

These trees are regarded as 'carbon sink' They absorb the carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and give us in return oxygen.

Every day we are shouting about the depletion of the ozone layer, world bodies who contribute in the pollution every year vote so much money for the environment that is being degraded on daily basis as a result of avoidable human activities yet the impact is not felt because all talk and no action.

When you are faced with cancer, diabetes, obesity you will now realize the hard way that health is wealth and should be handled with care like you handle those things you consider precious to you. But what is precious and priceless more than you health?

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