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Is a food supplement that is recently manufactured to burn down fat faster than any discovered using the principle of Metabolism boost to trigger the low core body temperature which is attributed to be the major culprit or cause of weight gain or obesity.

If taken daily, it increases your body’s core temperature and triggers your metabolism – thereby making you burn fat at a rapid rate.


  • Reduces joint pains.

  • Supports Skin and Hair Health.

  • Supports the health of your heart.

  • Support Blood Sugar Levels

  • Are completely safe, no side effects.

  • Are completely from plants.

It works on the principle of triggered or boosted metabolism that essentially speeds up the rate at which the body burns fat, flushes toxins and restores energy.

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Having a low core body temperature slows down metabolism. Studies conducted showed that as your core temperature drops your metabolism goes down by 13%. The studies showed that fat people had

If you have a slow metabolism, the first step is to correct the underlying cause. In this instance, it means increasing or boosting core body temperature which is the major work of Meticore the natural food pill supplement.

Meticore is described by the manufacturer as a 10 second morning trigger that boosts Metabolism.

It has 100% natural quality supercharged metabolism- vegetarian capsule, that gives utmost metabolic support .

Self-esteem has been diminished by those stubborn fats in your thighs, arms, waist- line, heart and other parts of your body, confidently you can fight back with Meticore. You can slip into your jeans again and other dresses that does not fit.

Your cravings for those food will be gone, because you are now more energized, having best feelings, lungs and heart cleaned. You save money trying everything available to reduce weight and over -all remain healthy. Over $80billion has been spent in USA in fighting gain as over 40% has been reported to be obese.

Meticore major extracts were from Madagascar. The biodiversity of Madagascar is huge and of international recognition that so many medicines we have today are made from plant extracts from Madagascar.

Moringa plant, whose origin can be traced to Eastern Nigeria is a complete herbal tree foliage known to be the most complete plant with so many economic, nutritional and medicinal values that cures diverse sickness as can be read in this write up.

The African mango, every part of this fruit tree is useful including the bark and succulent leaves that are purely used to treat all manner of bacteria infection and cold or fever. Every household almost in southern Nigeria and other African countries especially in the coastal areas have this crop. It has great economic potential and multiple medicinal potential.

The orange flavonoids packed full of vitamin C and other vitamins.

All the plants mention are all antioxidants no wonder Meticore is ahead of other food supplements in regulating the body metabolism, burning off or diminishing the body fat lodging in all parts of the body including arms, thighs, belly, and waist.

side effects as confirmed by FDA in America.

So many over 213,000 that bought and used this product all attested to its miracle and efficacy in handling this weight gain and weight loss issue which has become a global crisis.

It is highly recommended that you rush and get yours while the offer lasts.. The manufacturer has promised to give you back your money after 60 days if you fail to notice any significant result after taking it.

You have no more worries on what you eat, drink and in engaging in hard exercises. You know that you never lose weight completely with exercise and and diet.

African Mango.

Orange flavonoid

The extracts of its leaves and seeds show an intense antioxidant capacity, very useful to stop the action of free radicals and to avoid infections. A preventive effect is therefore attributed. It can stop or delay oxidative stress that affects the cells of different organs of the body.

It has a high anti-inflammatory capacity, showing itself effective in the treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and osteoarthritis, but also in digestive, liver and kidney inflammations. Concentrated extracts of Moringa leaves have demonstrated their ability to reserve tissue inflammation.

It helps reduce LDL blood cholesterol levels and ultimately prevents cardiovascular accidents.

It fights the symptoms of allergic processes, helps to de-ignite the mucous membranes of the respiratory trunk. Moringa oleifera is indicated in respiratory allergies, allergies from contaminants and food intolerances, asthma processes, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, laryngitis or bronchitis.

Moringa leaf

The leaves are used as a laxative and as purgatory in chronic or severe constipation. They promote the emission of urine, relieve inflammation of the kidney and that which occurs in the urinary tract such as the bladder, and prevents fluid retention and edema.It exerts a protective and detoxifying effect on the kidney, as it helps to mitigate the damage generated by toxic agents, as is the case with some drugs and heavy metals. Moringa promotes the elimination through urine of these toxins.

Suitable for those suffering from hypertension

It is indicated to control blood pressure and to relieve migraines or nervous headaches.

Excellent for the treatment of diabetes

Some studies indicate its ability to reduce blood sugar and urine levels. They have also shown that it can improve hemoglobin and protein levels in patients with diabetes.

Cleans liver and digestive system

It exerts a restorative effect on liver cells, increasing protein content, restoring liver enzyme levels and reducing inflammation. A tonic liver ensures the proper functioning of the digestion and metabolism of nutrients. Moringa was used to combat inflammation of the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, ulcerative colitis, gastroenteritis and gastritis.

It's a powerful antibacterial

It shows a powerful antibacterial action, which prevents the development and propagation of certain pathogens, such as the bacteria Helicobacter pilori, E i. coli, or Salmonella, and will help you fight symptoms such as diarrhea.

Adjuvant in the production of breast milk

This tree is an ally of the young woman's health. The leaves are credited with the ability to stimulate breast milk production and are considered a not insignificant natural support in the face of iron deficiency anemia due to its richness in iron, magnesium and other minerals.

Due to its richness in vitamin A, it is suitable to strengthen vision and combat blindness

Moringa fruit, low in fat, helps fight overweight and promotes good assimilation of nutrients. The juice of the leaves has a high antiseptic value. It has been used to heal wounds, sores, scratches and insect bites.

Emollient for the skin

Moringa oil has emollient, nourishing and moisturizing effects on the skin. It is recommended for the care of aged skin, affected by the contact of corrosive substances, burns and sunburn (homemade accidents). Raw leaves have been used in cataplasms to relieve headaches.

Making a moringa tea

Do you want to taste moringa?

then prepare yourself a rich tea, following these tips. One of the first benefits we encounter analyzing Moringa tea is the natural absence of theine and caffeine and therefore does not possess exciting substances. It can be taken by everyone, without contraindications.

  • It is obtained from the leaves of the Moringa tree that grows in the areas of Africa and South America. This plant, long known, has arrived in the West with the reputation of super-food that literally means "a super food", which contains many beneficial properties for health.

  • First merit among all, it contains all the essential amino acids,important for our organism because they intervene in all physiological processes and are indispensable in order not to resort to functional deficiencies.

  • One cup of Moringa tea per day, taken for prolonged periods of time, gives great vitality to the body. It contains 27 different types of vitamins (including vitamin A, C and E) and 46 types of natural antioxidants, plus a varied set of mineral salt

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